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Why You Should Take a Cruise Vacation Now

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If you could take a vacation to anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? The Caribbean? Or maybe Europe? While a vacation marveling at European architecture or sitting on a beach with a cocktail in hand in the Caribbean may sound like the perfect trip, these are things you can also do while on a cruise vacation. Cruises continue to grow as the vacation of choice for many travelers. They offer many…

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Exploring the Underwater World: Best Destinations for Scuba Diving

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As specialists in planning South Pacific vacations, it’s no surprise that scuba diving is one of our favorite things to do while traveling. However, while the South Pacific has world-class scuba diving opportunities, it’s by no means the only place to have on your must-visit list of scuba diving destinations. There are numerous destinations in the world worth visiting for the various scuba diving experiences they offer. Today I’ll highlight some of the best places…

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