Travelex International Advisors are passionate about creating experiences and memories in many of the best destinations around the world for their clients. Many of our advisors specialize in specific regions and/or types of travel. Enjoy learning about their backgrounds, and select the advisor that is best for you. Our travel advisors work in the greater Chicago area, as well as around the nation.

  • Pia lobraico
    Pia Lobraico
    Virtuoso Advisor
  • Charles lobraico
    Charles Lobraico
    Virtuoso Advisor
  • Diana chartier
    Diana Chartier
    Virtuoso Advisor
  • Debi landry
    Debi Landry
    Virtuoso Advisor
  • Amal mulhem
    Amal Mulhem
    Virtuoso Advisor
  • Ted bethke
    Ted Bethke
    Virtuoso Advisor
  • Dee dee werner
    Dee Dee Werner
    Virtuoso Advisor
  • Lisa torgerson
    Lisa Torgerson
    Director of Leisure Travel Services
  • Sue bethke
    Sue Bethke
    Virtuoso Advisor
  • Judy fishburn
    Judy Fishburn
    Virtuoso Advisor
  • Ursula pearson
    Ursula Pearson
    President & Virtuoso Advisor
  • Greg pearson
    Greg Pearson
    Vice President & Virtuoso Advisor