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Travel Inspiration

Travelex International is part of the Virtuoso network, which gives us access to unique and luxurious travel opportunities around the globe, as well as exclusive VIP perks and amenities for our clients.

Within Virtuoso, there are Virtuoso Travel Communities which are built around niche groups in the travel industry including adventure, culinary, family, celebration, cruise, wellness, and ultraluxe travel.  We encourage you to use these communities as inspiration for future travel.

Virtuoso communities
Virtuoso Adventure Travel is for travelers with a passion for adventure and active travel experiences, including those focused on nature, exploration of unique cultures, and physical activities. Adventure travel offers experiences travelers can participate in; not merely be a spectator.
Adventure Travel Inspiration
Virtuoso communities
Virtuoso Culinary Travel offers dream travel packages and authentic culinary experiences in locations all over the world. Culinary travel brings destinations to life through the language of food and drink, featuring experiences that go beyond traditional dining with well-rounded culinary experiences that are immersive, interactive and educational.
Culinary Travel Inspiration
Virtuoso communities
Virtuoso Family Travel offers well-rounded family experiences designed to foster deeper connections and lasting memories for the whole family. Accommodations, amenities, and experiences are created with kids and families of all ages in mind.
Family Travel Inspiration
Virtuoso communities

Virtuoso Celebration Travel is for travelers who want to commemorate a milestone. Destination weddings, family reunions, milestone birthdays, and more – our portfolio of Virtuoso hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, on-site tour connections, service providers, and destinations excel at celebration travel.

Celebration Travel Inspiration
Virtuoso communities
Virtuoso Voyages offers an enhanced cruise experience helping create a lifetime of memories. Exclusively offered on select cruise lines and sailings, Virtuoso Voyages offers complementary benefits such as Dedicated Onboard Hosts, Welcome Aboard Cocktail Reception, Camaraderie of Fellow Travelers, and Exclusive Shore Excursions. Virtuoso Voyages is available only to those who book their cruise travel through a Virtuoso Travel Advisor.
Virtuoso Voyages Inspiration
Virtuoso communities
Virtuoso Wellness Travel is for health-minded, experiential travelers who want to restore their mind, body, and spirit. Our Wellness Travel portfolio offers hotels, tour operators, cruise lines, and destinations specializing in relaxing, indulgent, and life-changing experiences.
Wellness Travel Inspiration
Virtuoso communities
Virtuoso Ultraluxe is an exclusive portfolio comprised of the most elevated, one-of-a kind travel destinations and experiences including primarily private travel services – jets, yachts, islands, villas, and more — all with superior exclusivity.
Ultraluxe Travel Inspiration
Virtuoso communities
Virtuoso Wanderlist App is place to create travel boards for yourself that you can share with family, friends and your travel advisor. If you have travel dreams, you deserve a travel plan! Virtuoso Wanderlist App is a travel portfolio that helps capture your dreams and prioritize what matters most – a clear path to mapping out your future travel possibilities.
Virtuoso Wanderlist App