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Travel Insurance Waiver

If you would like to DECLINE travel insurance offered by Travelex International please fill out and submit the Travel Insurance Waiver below. Always feel free to call your Travel Advisor with any questions.

I have been offered and declined the purchase of travel insurance through Travelex International and my Travel Advisor. I understand that Travelex International and my Travel Advisor strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance to protect my trip investment. I understand that by declining to purchase travel insurance, if I cancel or interrupt my trip for any reason, portions of the travel arrangements may not be refundable; I am solely responsible for any cancellation penalties/out-of-pocket expenses that I may have incurred during the course of my trip.

I understand that while traveling, I am also responsible for making my own provisions in the event of any travel-related operator default. I understand that I am not protected from loss in the event of any travel-related operator default. I understand I am solely liable for all airline fees, supplier fees, and agency frees that may apply, and I hereby release Travelex International, its agents and my Travel Advisor from any and all liability related to the trip described above. Additionally, with denial of coverage, supplier cancellation penalties will apply resulting in the loss of monies up to the full cost of my trip investment.

I will not hold Travelex International and/or my Travel Advisor responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of my declination to purchase travel insurance. By signing below, I fully acknowledge my declination. Should I change my mind before my trip, I know that I need to contact my Travel Advisor directly.

To opt-in for insurance, upon reading the above waiver, please call or email your Travel Advisor.

By signing this document, I agree to abide by the terms of this insurance waiver as outlined above.

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