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Turn Your ROI
Into A Return On Life.

If you have travel dreams, you deserve a travel plan.

Of all of your life priorities, leisure time is one asset you can’t earn back. And before we know it, another great travel opportunity has slipped away. It pays to collaborate with a seasoned expert to maximize your most precious non-renewable asset – your time.

Why live day-to-day when you can live trip-to-trip?

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What is travel wealth?

Travel wealth is an accumulation of travel experiences which enriches your life and the lives of your family members in ways no monetary or tangible asset every could. We want to maximize these experiences for you by optimizing the way you plan for them after you've dreamt them up.

What is included in travel wealth management?

Our travel wealth management program includes a full suite of services including unlimited access to your personalized online travel portfolio portal, reporting analytics and other tools to understand all of your family’s travel dreams and preferences, a full suite of advisory services, and Virtuoso travel perks and privileges worldwide!


The road to a better life,
starts with a better map.

We tailer your travel portfolio to your specific preferences & desires.

Explore your options and immediately see the impact on your finances. We’ll help you arrive at the extended travel plan that reflects your preferences and meets your needs.

As you look forward to that dream trip, we’ll provide actionable advice to help make it a reality. Get a birds-eye view over future life priorities. While our travel advisors can help you plan trips one-by-one, Travel Wealth Management give you a travel portfolio that helps capture your dreams and prioritize what matters most – a clear path to mapping out your future travel possibilities.


Wanderlist plan: step 1

Curate: The journey begins with each traveler rating their interests, dream destinations, and travel experiences. Use the Wanderlist online tool to organize your travel dreams.


Wanderlist plan: step 2

Explore: The fun continues with your personalized travel portal where you can explore places and experiences tailored to your interests.


Wanderlist plan: step 3

Create: Work with a Wanderlist advisor who’ll help map out your future travel possibilities based on your travel portfolio.

Wanderlist Testimonials

What your kids dream about might surprise you. I had all of my kids participate in Wanderlist. For my youngest daughter two top picks emerged - Disney and Thailand. My advisor asked me “Disney is pretty obvious, but why do you think she chose Thailand?” I had no idea. Then it dawned on me. We have a honeymoon picture of us with elephants hanging on our wall. I never knew this photo quietly impacted my daughter. Needless to say we will be creating new memories with HER in Thailand!

After all these years, I had no idea. My wife and I were intrigued by the idea of comparing our travel interests. After 24 years of marriage we should have a pretty good idea, right? Well, there were surprises. In a good way. While we were talking with our advisor, my wife was reminiscing about the time she spent in France during college. I had no idea Paris held such special meaning for her. So guess what we did for our 25th Anniversary?

Give them the world. I was struggling to find a gift for my parents who don’t need more “stuff.” I had encouraged them to travel but their “busy” routine always seemed to get in the way. After learning about Wanderlist, I knew it would be the perfect motivation for them. They were skeptical at first, but quickly became re-energized by all the possibilities. I just hope they don’t spend my entire inheritance. Then again, you can’t put a price on memories.

An investment in travel, is an investment in yourself.

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