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Cruise travel continues to grow as one of the most popular vacation options for travelers. What’s not to love? Disconnection from the outside world, all the food and drink you can imagine, and stops along the way to experience other cultures. A cruise vacation offers experiences that all-inclusive vacations at resorts don’t always offer. However, choosing the right cruise can be a challenge. To help you plan your cruise vacation, we’ve put together this post with some of the best cruise routes in the world.

Mediterranean. The Mediterranean is quickly growing as a top cruise route for travelers. While warm destinations have often been a popular choice, many travelers are opting for Mediterranean cruises because of the cultural experiences they offer. Stops on a Mediterranean cruise include ports like Venice and the Greek Islands, offering cultural experiences you won’t find on many other cruises. These stops can include activities such as cooking classes, vineyard tours, and shopping at luxurious boutique shops.

Central America/Caribbean. The Caribbean has long been one of the most popular cruise routes in the world. As one of the sunniest and warmest destinations in the world, this is for good reason. However, while a Caribbean cruise offers plenty of fun in the sun and water, a Caribbean/Central America combination cruise offers the best of both worlds of fun in the sun and culture. These combination cruises can include stops at multiple Caribbean islands, as well as stops at some of Central America’s best beach destinations, including Belize and Costa Rica.

Pacific Northwest. Pack a jacket and long sleeves for a cruise up and down the Northwest Pacific Coast of North America. It may often be a bit cooler on an Alaska cruise, but it offers sights you won’t see on other cruise routes. How many times will you be able to float by glaciers and snow-capped mountains? Stops on an Alaskan cruise often include Seattle, British Columbia, and Juneau. One of the strengths of an Alaskan cruise are the outdoor activities guests can do when in port. This includes ATV rentals, kayaking, fishing, and hiking. Cruise season on these routes are often much shorter than other destinations, so pay close attention when planning your trip.

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