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For the traveler who is constantly on the go, it’s important to have the right tools and resources to be as savvy as possible. Most travelers would probably agree that efficiency is one of the most important things they want on their travels. As the world continues to evolve, one way that travelers can be more efficient and savvy is by tapping into the best mobile apps to aid them during their trips. To help you be a more savvy traveler, we’ve put together this list of the best mobile apps.

1. Tripit. Tripit is especially effective and popular among business travelers. The app easily arranges all the details of your trip into one itinerary, including flights, car rentals, and hotels. The app is free, but travelers can upgrade to the pro edition for $49 a year to track points, receive flight refunds, find and book alternate flights, and have access to special travel privileges.

2. Worldmate. Available in multiple formats, Worldmate is another app that acts as an all-encompassing itinerary for your trip. It arranges all of your travel information, including flights, hotels, and car rentals, as well as having a plethora of other features. The business traveler will appreciate the calendar integration, which syncs with Microsoft Outlook, Google, Android, Apple iCal, and other calendar programs.

3. Expensify. This can be a convenient app whether you’re at home or on the road traveling. Geared toward business travelers, Expensify brings easy expense reporting to your mobile phone. Expensify is different from an app that just records expenses by automatically putting your expenses into a formatted report after you’ve taken a photo of your receipt.

4. Wi-Fi Finder. You no longer have to walk around aimlessly looking around for a cafe or other establishment that has wireless Internet access. Using the GPS function of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, Wi-Fi Finder uses the GPS settings on your mobile device to find the closest WiFi hotspots. Users can also download the locations for later offline use. Results can be filtered based on items like service providers, restaurants, cafes, and hotels.

5. Postagram. Do you want an easier way to stay in touch and send postcards while you’re traveling without having to find a souvenir shop to pick out postcards? Well now, you can create and send your own postcards with Postagram. What’s more is that you get to pick what the picture is. Take a photo with your iPhone, and then it’s just $.99 to send the photo as a postcard to friends and family.

What’s your favorite travel app?