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As a child, you probably dreamed of becoming an astronaut and flying to outer space. Who wouldn’t love to explore the universe outside of planet earth? It’s the great frontier, discovering parts of the universe that are untouched and unexplored.

Well what if I told you that you could now fly to space? And you don’t even have to be an astronaut! What originally was a pipe dream and would have required years of special training is now available to travelers who want to see their dreams come true—look down on the earth from space.

I’m thrilled to share with you the company that’s making this all possible, Virgin Galactic. They have chosen Virtuoso as the exclusive retail travel group of space travel in North America. This means that Virtuoso travel advisors are the first ever to book space travel for clients interested in exploring the last frontier. And as a Virtuoso travel advisor, I hope to make as many childhood dreams come true as possible.

This trip is perfect for individuals who have a strong passion for adventure and discovery and who enjoy nontraditional vacations. It’s also the perfect choice for travelers who have already visited all seven continents.

With the first expedition expected within the year, travelers can start planning their trip now, putting their name in history as the first space tourists. The flights on Virgin Galactic will be flying only out of Mojave, California. As you might expect, since this isn’t your typical flight, there will be some minor differences that you’ll have to keep in mind before reserving your seat. While normal U.S. immigration policies will be enforced, travelers will be required to be in good health before traveling. Leading up to the flight, a medical form will be required. A waiver and acceptance of the conditions of carriage will also be required.

The cost of flying into space with Virgin Galactic is $200,000. If you’re eager to be one of the first tourists into space, then you may consider the “founders” or “pioneers” deposit options, which guarantees you as one of the first tourists to space. This will get you into space during the first year of operation. The third deposit option is the “voyager,” which will get you into space later than those who choose the “founders” and “pioneers” deposit options.

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