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Holiday travel is in full swing. In fact, you may have already done some holiday travel, although the peak of it is still before us in the coming weeks. If this time of year isn’t stressful enough as it is, the prospect of planning and booking travel can only add to that stress. There are a lot of questions about when to book travel and what times and dates to travel. However, this doesn’t have to be stressful. To help you have a less stressful holiday season, I’m providing you with tips today on when to travel and get the most bang for your buck.

Be mindful of when you book. This is something that often gets overlooked. Most people book trips on the evenings and weekends, which is when demand is the highest. If you want to get the best bang for your buck, book your trip midweek when airline fares and car rental prices are lower. Also, book as far ahead of time as possible, which will give you a better chance of getting the seat and time you want to travel. Tuesday afternoon is considered to be the best time of the week to book travel.

Travel on the actual holiday itself. This can save you time, money, and stress. Most people don’t travel on the holiday itself, such as Christmas day, since this is when they’re spending time with family. However, this can be the best time to travel if you don’t do too well with crowds. Since many people don’t travel on the actual day of the holiday itself, that means you might have a seat between you and the next person and maybe even an entire row to yourself. Fares can often be lower on these days as well.

Travel midweek. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are typically the best days to travel. Most people are working midweek and then do their weekend travel on either Friday or Sunday. Airports and planes are less crowded and fares are often lower on these days.

Extend your trip past the holidays. If you want to avoid the crowds and get the best bang for your buck, extend your trip so you’re not traveling in the days immediately leading up to or following the holidays. Consider flying to your destination on the day of the holiday and then returning several days later. This isn’t traditionally how people travel, but could save you money, time, and headaches.

Travel first thing in the morning. The saying, “The early bird gets the worm”, couldn’t be anymore true than for flying. Most people don’t like getting up early as it is, and especially to make the first flight of the day, instead choosing for a late morning or afternoon flight. Choose the first flight and you’ll often save yourself money and beat the rush. Another consideration is to take the last flight of the day, especially if it’s a red-eye flight.

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