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Technology has changed all facets of how we live, and travel is no exception. It seems like a new application or gadget is coming out every week that changes how we travel. With so many different gadgets on the market, it’s not always easy knowing which ones are legit and practical and which ones are more for the looks and less for the usability. Today I help you decide which pieces of technology to add to your carry-on with this list of a few of the must-have travel gadgets.

iPhone. An iPhone or iPod is the runaway choice for the best gadget to have. While one of its strengths is being able to buy a sim card in many other countries in order to make and receive calls abroad, it’s popularity is credited to some of its other capabilities and applications. The new iPhone 4 has in fact replaced many peoples’ handheld cameras with its photo capturing capabilities and apps like Instagram, which adds extraordinary effects to photos. Other apps do everything from providing reviews of restaurants and hotels to turn-by-turn directions and finding the nearest public restroom.

iPad. Do you see a trend here with Apple products? The iPad is becoming many savvy travelers’ go-to device. Depending on your needs, you may not even have to take your laptop, even if you’re traveling on business. A larger version of the iPhone, the iPad can do many of the same things, but may come in more handy for sending and receiving emails, video conferencing, and reading books. However, if you plan on doing work from your iPad, I recommend buying a keyboard that you can also travel with. Invest in a good case to go along with it.

eReader. If you don’t need a handheld tablet for its bells and whistles, but just want a device for reading books, then pick up an eReader. These range in capabilities, but if you just want a device for solely reading books, then consider the Kindle by Amazon. However, if you want something that does a little more, such as also reading magazines, listening to music, watching movies, and surfing the web, then consider the new Kindle Fire. Barnes and Noble has similar product offerings in their Nook tablets.


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Multipurpose charger. This may in fact be your best investment to get the most bang for your buck. To keep all these travel gadgets running, you’ll need a good multipurpose charger to keep them charged during those long flights or layovers. I recommend getting a charger that can charge multiple items at once. While most of these are wired, be on the lookout in the coming months for wireless charging platforms that can charge multiple devices at once.

What’s your favorite type of gadget to travel with?