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When it comes to wine and cheese, few places compare to Italy. Even more so, few places stack up like Florence, which is in the heart of the Tuscany region of Italy that is so famous for its wine and cheese. The capital and most populous city of Tuscany, Florence has been integral as a major wine and cheese-producing region. You may be familiar with Chianti, which is one of the most well regarded wine regions in the world and is located just south of Florence. Chianti is most famous for the Italian red wine it produces from Sangiovese grapes. Just west is Carmignano, which is also known for its Sangiovese grapes.

While wine has the highest place in the culture of Florence, it’s best enjoyed when coupled with cheeses, many of which come from the Tuscany region. The flavors of the cheeses are often enhanced by the type of wine they’re paired with. Some of the cheeses you may see frequently in Florence include Brie, Pecorino, and goat cheeses. Many of these are fresh and flavorful in ways you may not be so familiar with, making it hard not to take a couple blocks of cheese home with you.

Today I’m recommending a customized wine and cheese tasting tour by Virtuoso. As I mentioned earlier, there are certain combinations of wine and cheese that enhance the experience. It’s typically wine professionals who can accurately recommend the right combinations. On this tour, guests are introduced to the wine and cheese of the region, with multiple opportunities to try different combinations.

While the highlight of the tour is enjoying a variety of wines and cheese, guests can appreciate some of the background information that will help give a better understanding of Italian wine and cheese. This can come in handy when you return from your trip and want to do your own wine and cheese tasting. Guides share a little history of the different wines and cheese as you enjoy it. Some of the different offerings may include Carpino cheese and figs, Parmesan and red onion confit, and Chianti red wine.

What’s your favorite wine origin?