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With over 6,000 travel advisors in 22 countries, Virtuoso is a premier, extensive travel network whose members are well traveled and specialize in destinations worldwide. They are highly qualified professionals who hold certifications such as master cruise advisor and certified travel advisor. Virtuoso members have access to an amazing range of luxury travel providers and accommodations.

The advantages of using a Virtuoso travel advisor are many and include . . .

Virtuoso Voyager Club

Founded in 1990, the Voyager Club is luxury cruising’s hallmark program. In conjunction with Virtuoso’s preferred cruise partners worldwide, it offers more than 400 departures every year and features Virtuoso exclusive events, such as private shore excursions combined with luxury dining experiences not available anywhere else.

Exclusive Roster of Properties around the World

With more than 800 preferred properties in 80 countries, Virtuoso offers its guests spectacular quality and service, no matter where they travel. Every preferred property offers Virtuoso clients special considerations such as room upgrades, early check in and late check out, daily breakfasts, and luxurious amenities particular to each hotel. This value-added package is one of the many reasons discerning consumers prefer Virtuoso.

Virtuoso On-Sites

These local guides and destination specialists help travel advisors create unique experiences that combine luxury with culture, giving you the best that each country offers. On-Sites serve as a liaison between you and the destination, giving you VIP access to people and places, such as galleries and cultural events, that you wouldn’t be able to visit by booking through other travel companies.

With Virtuoso, you’ll enjoy amazing, authentic cultural experiences such as food and wine tours and nature exploration, as well as luxury amenities such as private attraction tours and yacht charters.

Virtuoso Tour and Specialty Partners

With high-end tour provider partners in over 175 countries, Virtuoso provides the best the world has to offer—literally—in destinations, adventure vacations, and travel among and within countries. Over 70 specialty partners offer access to all corners of the world and use the most comfortable, luxurious means of transportation to take you there.

Whether you’re looking for a golfing vacation in Scotland, a Christmas getaway at an igloo in Iceland, or a glacier hike with deep-sea fishing in Alaska, a Virtuoso travel advisor can create the luxury trip of your dreams.

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