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New Zealand joins a host of South Pacific destinations that have become some of the world’s most popular places to travel. With such unspoiled beauty, adventurous activities, and relaxing getaways, it’s no surprise that New Zealand has become one of the top destinations. When planning a New Zealand trip, I highly recommend booking at least one of the many great tours that are available. Today we highlight a few of the best tours of New Zealand.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves. Maybe you’ve been caving, but have you been caving via boat and in the presence of glowworms? Waitomo is one of the most unique attractions in the entire world because of its famous glowworms, which are exclusive to New Zealand. A guided tour through the caves begins at the top, working its way down three levels. The last leg of the tour is via boat through the Glowworm Grott, where tons of glowworms light the way.

Lord of the Rings. The Lord of the Rings tour is one of the most acclaimed movie tours in the world. This is for good reason since the trilogy is one of the most famous of all time. A Lord of the Rings tour takes guests to some of the filming locations of the movies, in some of the most scenic areas of the country. These tours often vary in time and offerings, depending on what types of things you want to see.

Whale Watching. The South Pacific waters are some of the best in the world for whale watching. Whale watching tours are popular in New Zealand, and therefore available at multiple destinations on the North and South Island. Humpback and blue whales are a couple of the more notable whales that you’re likely to see. A whale watching tour often means opportunities to view other types of wildlife, including pods of dolphins.

Classic New Zealand Wine Trail. The Classic New Zealand Wine Trail is one of the most extensive wine tours in the world. The 240-mile trail takes visitors through some of the most scenic areas of New Zealand on both the North and South Island. The wine regions guests travel through account for most of New Zealand’s wine production. We highly recommend splitting this tour up into multiple days so you have time to stop in each of the regions.

White Island. White Island is one of New Zealand’s most offbeat attractions, but worth the visit. White Island is an active volcano that is probably unlike any volcano you’ve ever heard of. However, there’s no accessing the volcano unless you’re traveling by boat, as it’s located off the coast of the North Island. For a bird’s eye view, consider a helicopter trip to White Island.

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