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While we’ve turned the corner into spring, it’s not quite spring and summer weather in most destinations around the world. In fact many places are still seeing snowfall this time of year. However, that doesn’t mean travelers can’t get a head start on their summer vacation plans. This can be a great time to start thinking about an early vacation to visit a few of the world’s best warm hot spots. Today we feature a few of the best places in the world to vacation for a warm getaway during the early months of the busy vacation season.

Riviera Maya

With warm temperatures year-round, Mexico’s Riviera Maya is always a safe bet no matter what time of year. However, this time of year between spring break and the peak summer travel season can mean smaller crowds. This region is popular among young spring breakers, although visiting this time of year puts travelers in the Riviera Maya just afterward, but before the busy summer travel season kicks up. Consider taking a cruise so that you can visit several Mexico locales. It’ll be time to dust off your swim suit for this trip.

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are America’s version of paradise. Mid to late summer can get very hot and humid, making late spring and early summer some of the best months to visit. While many people associate Key West with the Florida Keys, there are multiple keys that are worth a visit, including the Middle Keys where Marathon is. This is ideal for a shorter getaway since it doesn’t require travelers to go so far south. There’s a level of convenience that isn’t always found in most paradise locations since travelers can either fly into Miami and drive down or fly into Key West International Airport.


This is that dream vacation you’ve been looking for. Fiji is just winding down on their hot, rainy season come this time of year and the start of their peak travel season. Fiji has it all, whether you just want to be a beach bum and lay out in the warm sun every day or do some of the islands’ many great activities, such as snorkeling. However, since it takes quite a bit longer to travel to Fiji, make sure you give yourself more time then your typical vacation.

Where would you like to take a warm getaway right now?