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Frequent travel can’t always be the most stress-free thing. Holidays, long waits, inclement weather, delays, and security protocols can make for a stressful travel experience. However, each time you fly doesn’t have to be so stressful. Following some important tips can give you the confidence and expertise to be a savvier traveler. Today we discuss a few of the best ways you can be a more savvy traveler.

1. Have a dedicated travel bag. Instead of having to spend so much time packing before a trip, have a dedicated travel bag that you always have packed. Furthermore, have a dedicated toiletry kit just for traveling. This can save a lot of time and take out some of the stress leading up to your trip.

2. Know before you go. This may seem like a simple tip, but often gets overlooked, especially if it’s been a while between trips. Rules, regulations, and fees change frequently with hotels, airports, airlines, and car rentals. Do you research ahead of time and make sure you’re well informed before you trip. Even better, use a travel advisor who is on top of the latest trends and news to make sure you’re taken care of before, during, and after your trip.

3. Tap into mobile technology. Mobile technology is here to stay. Whether you have an iPhone or not, you can tap into some of the technology to help streamline and ease the stress of your trips. If you can think of something to make your trip easier, there’s likely an app for it. Everything from organizing your itinerary to finding the nearest restaurant to booking a last-minute hotel to finding the nearest public restroom.

4. Be more hospitable than usual. Tensions are higher than usual for both travelers and employees in the travel industry. This can cause for stressful situations when traveling that can be avoided. Whether you’re checking into your hotel, going through airport security, or ordering food, make sure you’re being nicer than usual. Sometimes it might be that extra hospitality that gets you an upgrade on your next flight or hotel stay.

5. Have a pre-arranged itinerary. The more planning you do ahead of time, the less stressful your trip is likely to be. And not just having an itinerary for your flight and hotel, but other things like transportation, dinner reservations, and car rental. Have an itinerary ahead of time so you don’t have to be planning these things throughout your trip. Consider using a travel advisor who can prepare an itinerary for you before your trip and adjust it as necessary before and during your trip.

What things do you think are necessary to being a savvy traveler?