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As relaxing as it can be sitting by a pool or on the beach on your vacations, there’s a certain allure to adventurous destinations. Your bucket list likely has adventure destinations and activities on them. While these are different for everyone, what remains the same is that travel holds a certain sense of adventure that we’re continually drawn to. Nonetheless, there are some destinations that simply rise above the rest for their sense of adventure. Today we spotlight the most adventurous destinations in the universe.

1. Space. No, we’re not kidding. Space holds the number one spot as the most adventurous destination in the world and pretty soon you’ll be able to travel there – and you don’t even have to be an astronaut. Virgin Galactic will soon start taking tourists to outer space to be a part of an adventure that few people in history have the opportunity to experience. Limited space is available on each flight, but booking your trip to outer space will make your dreams come true. There’s not a more unspoiled and adrenaline-rushing travel experience than flying to outer space.

2. The Arctic. You probably dreamed of going to the North Pole as a kid. Well here’s your chance. There are few destinations in the world where you have to be more prepared, yet you’ll join the exclusive group of people who can say they’ve explored the Arctic. Thick forests, icy fjords, and snowy plains can make the conditions of the Arctic challenging, which makes a trip here all the more adventurous. While you can give the freezing winter a chance, I recommend visiting the Arctic during the cool summer months, which are much more comfortable and offer more opportunities for adventure activities and to experience the diverse animal and plant life.

3. Africa. How many places in the world do you have to slam on brakes to allow a family of giraffes to cross the road? One of the best parts about Africa is how unspoiled it is. When you’re out in the African bush, it feels like you’re an explorer discovering a new animal or part of the world. While there’s a certain sense of adventure to driving through the bush from the confines of a safari vehicle to view some of the world’s greatest animals, I recommend going to Rwanda or Uganda to track gorillas. It’s one thing to be watching gorillas at the zoo, but something awe-inspiring to be standing mere feet from a gorilla in its natural habitat.

What’s your favorite adventurous destination in the world?