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Our clients constantly ask us if they need to purchase travel insurance. We bring up the following reasons why travel insurance has great value for anyone planning a trip.

Stuff happens.

You or a family member might get sick, or you may have an emergency requiring you to cancel your trip. If you have travel insurance, trip cancellation and interruption insurance will protect you and reimburse you for any nonrefundable investment.

Your health insurance may not cover you if you’re out of the country. 

If you’re taking an Alaskan cruise, your health insurance will protect you, but if you’re on an African safari, chances are your insurance won’t cover illness or accident. Travel insurance will treat you and fly you back to the United States, and many policies will reimburse you for medical expenses or transport your children back home if you’re in the hospital.

The airline might lose a valuable piece of baggage.

Murphy’s Law says if one of your bags is lost, it won’t be your clothing bag—it’ll be your jewelry bag or your most expensive piece of luggage. The typical airline liability for luggage has a long list of items that are not covered, and the coverage limit is low. Excess valuation insurance provides extra coverage for your baggage. Travel insurance may also reimburse you for essential items you need to buy while waiting for your lost bags.

You decide to hike a glacier.

Even if you have basic travel insurance, if you participate in anything the insurance company deems as extreme sports or adventure, you may not be covered—even if you merely attend a sporting event. However, you can buy third-party coverage for your activities.

Your passport and purse are stolen.

While your credit cards may offer a certain level of protection, travel insurance will cover your loss and help you get back on track.

Tour operators go bankrupt.

When you have travel insurance, nonrefundable charges are covered, and it may also help you find a new tour operator so you can go on your trip as planned.

The weather can be unpredictable.

If an approaching storm forces you to evacuate or interrupt your vacation, travel insurance will reimburse your investment and help you get back home.

When you travel, unforeseen problems and emergencies can arise, and most of them will cost money or time. When you buy travel insurance, you’re protected, and you’ll have the peace of mind that coverage will give you.

Travelex Insurance Services provides comprehensive travel insurance along with an exclusive 24-hour emergency assistance service to help you navigate any issues that may arise. Each of our insurance plans comes with a toll-free travel assistance and concierge service to help you make the most of your trip.

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