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This is often the time of year for delays and long layovers in airports thanks to inclement winter weather. While this can be an inconvenience in your travel itinerary, your long layover doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience. Being stuck in the airport can be an extension of your vacation if it’s the right airport – many of the world’s best feature amenities and attractions that make the airport its own little city. Below you’ll find the top five airports you wouldn’t mind getting stuck in.

San Francisco International Airport Terminal 2. Not just San Francisco International Airport, but Terminal 2. Terminal 2 is the brand new terminal of SFO that isn’t even a year old yet. Home to Virgin America, travelers can find a different vibe than most U.S. airport terminals, complete with leather chairs with tall backs and Chromebook laptops for rent. If you like the food and drinks of the Bay Area, you’ll enjoy the restaurant offerings of Terminal 2, which includes wine and food from local restaurants.

Amsterdam Schiphol. Amsterdam Schiphol has less the feeling of an airport and more the feeling of a multipurpose museum. It even features a museum, Rijksmuseum, which houses artwork from Rembrandt and other notable Dutch artists. Other features of Amsterdam’s airport include an indoor/outdoor park and a casino. Travelers can even be formally married with the help of the airport’s wedding planner.

Changi Airport Singapore. We had to include at least a couple of Asian airports since they are frequently awarded as the best airports in the world. Changi Airport has amenities that you won’t find in just any airport, such as the world’s tallest airport slide. Changi has the traveler in mind with convenient amenities that include lounge chairs with built-in alarm clocks, free WiFi, and video game consoles. Relieve your airport stress with a swim in the pool or dip in the jacuzzi at the Ambassador Transit Hotel in Terminal 1. Get too comfy at Changi Airport and you may not want to leave.

Munich Airport. Munich Airport flies under the radar since it isn’t considered one of the largest airports in Europe, although it is the second busiest in Germany. However, what it lacks in size, it makes up in entertainment options. Munich Airport makes sure you have enough things to do to help pass the time if you find yourself stuck at the airport, with features that include mini golf, free movie screenings, and even spa treatments. If facing a delay, I would head straight for the spa treatments myself. How many times are you likely going to have the chance to go to the spa at an airport?

Hong Kong International Airport. Hong Kong International Airport has more of the feeling of a luxury airport than anything else. How many airports have you been to that have a golf course? Other notable features include free WiFi, live entertainment, and a 4D movie theater. If you’re stuck in the airport for hours, or even longer, I can’t think of a better option than the Hong Kong International Airport.

What’s your favorite airport in the world?