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The Virtuoso Voyager Club is a truly unique benefit of planning your cruise through a Virtuoso affiliated travel agent. The Club offers complimentary excursions and amenities not found anywhere else in the world of cruising. These extras are included on hundreds of itineraries each year, so no matter where you cruise, you’ll be sure to have the Virtuoso advantage from the moment you book your cruise.

The extra value from being a Voyager Club member is immeasurable, and the benefits include but are not limited to . . .

A personal host.

Virtuoso Voyager Club has dedicated hosts that make sure your cruise is a voyage of a lifetime. He or she is on board to make sure your cruise is everything you had hoped for. Whether you have questions about the destination or wish to take advantage of exclusive shore excursions, your host is there to serve.

Welcome reception on board.

Along with other Virtuoso Voyager Club members, you’ll enjoy an exclusive cocktail reception arranged by your host. He or she will introduce you to the passengers you’ll be spending much of your time with, and you’ll feel the fellowship and friendship as you enjoy your private reception.

Cruising connections and camaraderie.

Thanks to your host, you’ll meet fellow cruisers who share your interests, and you’ll find new, lifelong friends and travel companions. These new connections will enrich your life in many ways, and the Virtuoso Voyager Club ensures that you’ll meet new people each time you cruise.

Private shore excursions.

These exclusive adventures take you behind the scenes and treat you like the VIP you are. You’ll enjoy authentic cultural events and discover sights not open to the public. Most Voyager Club members report that these private events are the most memorable moments of their cruises.

The Voyager Club offers you a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can be found only by booking your cruise through a Virtuoso affiliated travel agency. This amazing package of benefits is only one advantage of working with the finest group of travel professionals in the world.

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