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If you could take a vacation to anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? The Caribbean? Or maybe Europe? While a vacation marveling at European architecture or sitting on a beach with a cocktail in hand in the Caribbean may sound like the perfect trip, these are things you can also do while on a cruise vacation. Cruises continue to grow as the vacation of choice for many travelers. They offer many benefits and opportunities that make them stand out from other trips. Today we give you five reasons why you should take a cruise now.

1. Cruises are affordable. Cruises are one of, if not the most affordable vacation you can have. You can often cruise with many of your accommodations and meals taken care of for the price it takes to pay for a flight. Of course the price depends on factors such as destination, length of trip, cruise line, and cabin. This alone can take some of the stress out of vacation planning when you realize you can travel so affordably.

2. Cruises give you the most bang for your buck. As I alluded to above, your dollar can go much further on a cruise then it can go on a vacation. It’s the complete package vacation because the cost of the cruise often includes your cabin, meals, and travel to different destinations along the trip. Not to mention that the number of cruise ports continue to increase to make cruising more accessible.

3. Cruise vacations offer a detailed itinerary. If you like a detailed travel itinerary where your trip can be planned out for you, but you don’t want the stress of having to plan it, then a cruise is for you. Most cruises offer a full-range of daily schedules that you can choose to follow as closely as you wish. This can range from recreational activities, to offshore excursions, to evening socials. These itineraries will vary depending on the cruise line and length of trip.

4. It can make for a flexible, yet stress-free vacation. While a cruise vacation can make for a detailed vacation for the traveler who prefers structure, it also offers complete flexibility. If your idea of travel is an escape from the hustle and bustle of life to enjoy most of your time pool and beachside with a cocktail in hand, you can do that. Cruise lines offer the flexibility to do as many or little planned activities as you prefer. Even when the cruise is docked in a port city for the day, you have the choice of taking part in day trips, lounging around in the port city, or even staying on the boat.

5. It offers scenery that is second to none. Imagine cruising into the Sydney Harbor with unobstructed views of the Sydney Opera House or floating by the shore of the French Riviera. Unlike traveling by car, train, or plane, traveling by cruise offers unobstructed scenic views that you can’t get elsewhere. Cruising offers the best of both worlds with scenery from both land and sea.

Why have you always wanted to take a cruise?